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How can your family have better support, by whom and when? Choose a theme and share your story or proposal.

"Gezinskabinet" puts the questions and needs of families at the centre to find solutions for current problems and bottlenecks families face. This is why - De Gezinsbond and Het Kenniscentrum Gezinswetenschapppen (Odisee) have set up this project. We want families and individual participants  to share as many stories and suggestions as possible.


What if combining work and family is tough?


Share your story

Growing up and parenting

What if growing up or parenting doesn't turn out as you expected?

Opgroeien en opvoeden

Share your story

Seperation or just getting together

What if you seperate or form a new family?

Icon scheiden of een nieuw begin

Share your story


What if you have unexpected setbacks (illness, loss, dismissal…)?

Share your story

New step

What if you take a new step (birth, start childcare or school, move…)?

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What if there's something else you want to say?

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